What We Offer

We’ve got Something For Every situation


We concentrate our practice in four main categories:

  • Personal Injury
  • Consumer Protections
  • Mental Health
  • Military and Aviation


main practice areas

If your case requires expertise that goes outside of our practice areas, we are able to partner with a number of different firms depending on your case’s specific needs to ensure the success of your case, 


Follow up from a crash with insurance, police, and other motorists.

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slip & fallS

Issues with businesses and other entities not accepting responsibility for your injuries. 

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Personal issues with liabilities for your injuries. 

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Aviation law

Whether you are facing an FAA enforcement action, you sustain injuries in a mishap, or you lose a loved one in a plane or helicopter crash, it is important to contact an Aviation Attorney as quickly as possible. Justin Drach has more than 24 years of aviation experience that includes over 10 years of flying combat aircraft such as the S-3B Viking and F/A-18C Hornet work for you, certification by the Navy as an Aviation Safety Officer, licensure as a Certified Flight Instructor, and  experience flying surplus jet warbirds.

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UNiform Code of military justice

Military personnel on active duty face unique duties, challenges, and opportunities as a result of their service. The military has a system for investigating and prosecuting alleged criminal offenses, governed by the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). Your life and liberty depend on the decision you make if you are notified by NCIS, CID, OSI, or your unit that you are under investigation, or that they want to interview you. DO NOT SPEAK WITH THEM UNTIL YOU SPEAK WITH US.

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Other issues during service

If you have a family law case, you will be well served having an attorney who spent more than 10 years as a naval officer in your corner to ensure that your rights are protected, you do not inadvertently do something that may adversely affect your military career, and to defend against false accusations levied to jockey for time sharing and support.

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Debt collection defense

We defend those who have debt collection issues from liens, credit cards, or other judgments.

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creditor harassment

Stop illegal and unwarranted creditor harassment over previously paid or incorrectly asserted debts.

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debt information and validation

Confirm creditors information and refute issues or discrepancies on your behalf. 

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devoted to helping 

Mental Health and Baker Act issues can happen to anyone of any age.  We are here to make sure that the institutions and law enforcement follow the law and do the best for the clients and not the insurance company or hospital.

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anywhere in the state

Thoele|Drach is the only Baker Act law firm that has the ability to respond anywhere in the state within hours through the use of our firm’s aircraft.  When dealing with time deadlines for committal and release; we know that every hour is crucial to helping our clients.

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award winning work

Our firm member received the Citizens Commission on Human Rights of Florida Humanitarian Award in 2017 for continued work for the Mental Health Rights of Floridians.  Justin Drach Voices for Humanity Documentary

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