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Thoele|Drach is skilled at maximizing the value of our clients’ automobile collision, slip and fall, and premise liability cases. Because we treat our clients like family, you will not be just a case file or have your case handled exclusively by a case manager. We believe in delivering results at trial if that is the right decision for you. Unlike law firms that need to settle quickly to pay their advertising bills, we will dig in and fight for you as long as it takes.




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Thoele|Drach takes pride in our ability to quickly resolve your debt collection lawsuit. When a debt buyer learns that Thoele|Drach represents someone the bullying stops. We have extensive experience in ending creditor abuse and harassment. Thoele|Drach has skillfully recovered damages for clients using the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, 15 U.S.C. § 1692, et seq., (“FDCPA”) and the Florida Consumer Collection Practices Act, Florida Statutes § 559.55, et seq., (“FCCPA”).



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Thoele|Drach Law is the preeminent Baker Act defense law firm. Having carved a niche in this area of the law, our attorneys are sought after lecturers and litigators who are unafraid of tackling billion-dollar companies detaining individuals for the purpose of committing insurance fraud. If you or a loved one are facing the horror of an involuntary psychiatric examination (“Baker Acted”), and do not meet the criteria under Florida Statute § 394.463, freedom and rights are at risk. We ensure that our clients’ rights under Florida Statute § 394.459 are being honored. 


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Jacksonville, FL


“The best attorney I have been acquainted with, and he was so focused from the beginning to the end.”



Jacksonville, FL


“[Thoele|Drach Law] went above and beyond my expectations…I cannot say enough positive things about this law firm. They made me feel like I was family and my case mattered.”



Jacksonville, FL


“It was a pleasure working with [Thoele|Drach Law] and anyone would be lucky to have him as their lawyer during a FNAEB or other military law defense.”



Jacksonville, FL


“After being wrongly arrested for domestic violence I turned toward [Thoele|Drach Law] for representation. [They] got me released on my own recognizance and they immediately went to work dissecting the case…If you hire Justin and Amanda, they will treat you like family, take your case personal, and FIGHT for you. ”

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Thoele Drach Law
Thoele Drach Law
Even on Mother's Day, Thoele Drach Law has been hard at work advocating for the release of a Baker Act client. Despite the ability to e-file a petition from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, at any hour of the day, Baker Act Receiving Facilities that are required to be "fully operational 24-hours-per-day, 7-days-per-week" abuse Fla. Stat. 394.463(2)(g) to milk extra days of insurance proceeds. We believe that the current text found in Fla. Stat. 394.463(2)(g), "or, if the examination period ends on a weekend or holiday, no later than the next working day thereafter", is an unconstitutional infringement on liberty because a person whose 72 hours expires on a weekend or holidays is deprived of the due process provided by judicial oversight.

Fla. Stat. 394.463(2)
(g) The examination period must be for up to 72 hours. For a minor, the examination shall be initiated within 12 hours after the patient’s arrival at the facility. Within the examination period or, if the examination period ends on a weekend or holiday, no later than the next working day thereafter, one of the following actions must be taken, based on the individual needs of the patient:
1. The patient shall be released, unless he or she is charged with a crime, in which case the patient shall be returned to the custody of a law enforcement officer;
2. The patient shall be released, subject to subparagraph 1., for voluntary outpatient treatment;
3. The patient, unless he or she is charged with a crime, shall be asked to give express and informed consent to placement as a voluntary patient and, if such consent is given, the patient shall be admitted as a voluntary patient; or
4. A petition for involuntary services shall be filed in the circuit court if inpatient treatment is deemed necessary or with the criminal county court, as defined in s. 394.4655(1), as applicable. When inpatient treatment is deemed necessary, the least restrictive treatment consistent with the optimum improvement of the patient’s condition shall be made available. When a petition is to be filed for involuntary outpatient placement, it shall be filed by one of the petitioners specified in s. 394.4655(4)(a). A petition for involuntary inpatient placement shall be filed by the facility administrator.

65E-5.351 Minimum Standards for Designated Receiving Facilities.
(1) Any facility designated as a receiving facility failing to comply with this chapter may have such designation suspended or withdrawn.
(2) Each receiving facility shall have policies and procedures that prescribe, monitor and enforce all requirements specified in Chapter 65E-5, F.A.C.
(3) Each receiving facility shall assure that its reception, screening, and inpatient services are fully operational 24-hours-per-day, 7-days-per-week.
Thoele Drach Law
Thoele Drach Law
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